Welcome to the home of iGOR and GEM

Both programs cover different functions in the world of Grand Prix Legends but they both work great together.
But what are they for ?
GEM is used for patching Grand Prix Legends to give you new physics like the Grand Prix Legends 65 modification, the Thundercars modification or the latest Grand Prix 69 Part 1 modification. But it's by far more then a modification manager for Grand Prix Legends. You can adjust mostly everything before you start Grand Prix Legends like sounds, layouts, graphics, track lists and other. And the most important part is that GEM will make it as easy as possible to join/host races online via iGOR. It's been programmed and maintained by Paul Thurston. You find the latest version in the GEM Main part of this website.
iGOR is used for joining/hosting Grand Prix Legends races and is able to deal with the current Grand Prix Legends modification. Phil Flack has build it for the release of the Grand Prix Legends 65 modification to make sure that you can drive online without the need to fear cheating persons which could join a VROC based Grand Prix Legends race. You find the latest version in the iGOR Main part of this website.